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Well now I got myself to the internet’s miraculous world. That wasn’t too easy though.. Where should I start.. 9.2.2008: 20:00 First day in Ostrava after 12h travelling from Finland to Copenhagen and finally to Prague. I was very tired and Alexandra, coordinator from the school picked me up from the train station. It was promised that I have my own apartment with a internet connection and all.. But the problems started just before I thought everything is going to be ok.. So there wasn’t any apartment. Not to mention any internet connection.. So I was booked to some dormitory just for a few days and then everything should have been ok. But not. 10.2.2008 Henri, my classmate flew from Finland on Sunday and he faced exactly the same problem I did one day before. There weren’t any apartment so they said to us that we have to move under the same roof WITHOUT any internet connection, without a fucking own toilet or shower and it was on the 13th floor of that dormitory and the elevator only reached the 12th floor.. First we stepped into that room the air smell was unspeakable. You can imagine like 20 eggs liquidized with 20 rats in the hot room for 3 years.. yeah I’m telling you the truth! The room was very small, messy with empty beer bottles and trash.. there was 2 beds and a desk. Ok.. I have to cut this shit before it even starts..I thought.. So I got myself to the Alexandra again and said that I’m not gonna stay there even a one night. The place was like a fucking prison cell! Actually worse than that!! So then I decided that have to start looking for a apartment from a private person. Then we found one furnitured apartment near the school with two rooms and a kitchen. The rent was 8000kc (320€) a month and it included water and electricity. The place was REALLY nice and there was all we needed.. except that fucking internet we really needed. Why is it so hard to get a internet connection in this place..? So we decided to take it. And we get the internet connection also, maybe on Monday.. I don’t know. Hopefully very soon! I wanted to live alone in my own apartment with internet, but now I live with Henri without internet.. so what I’ve done wrong? :D
The place is awesome though! There’s a grocery shop, couple of pubs and a Amarillo-like restaurant just 50meters from the apartment. In that restaurant there are beer-taps in every table so you can get beer anytime you want without ordering it  ..And the beer here is so delicious! And cheap as hell! You can have a large jar (0.5l) of world’s best beer with less than 20kc (less than 1€)!! The food is also cheap here. Normally if you go for a lunch for example in the Asian restaurant you can get a meal with one beer and a cappuccino with 120kc (less than 5€) Here the beer is like holy drink and everybody drinks it everywhere like we drink water! In many places it is actually cheaper than the water! :D If you’re planning to drink something else than a beer, it’s gonna be little bit more expensive. For example some Redbull with vodka, (we also found that here’s Koskenkorva in some places!) can cost about 50kc-80kc (2-3€) And it’s exactly the same drink like “Paavon Bravuri” :D Fifty-fifty!
Now all the practical things are in control.. I’ve got the student cards, tram and bus cards (40€ for 5 months.. cheap huh?) All the paperwork is done.. Just waiting for the start of the school which is gonna be 27th this month. Today we’re heading to the famous Stodolni Street (www.stodolni.cz) which is the bar-street full of pubs, bars, night-clubs.. Have to check it out. I’ll tell my experiences later.
But yeah I like it a lot in here. The weather is nice. No snow at all and when the sun is shining it’s +10C, it’s much colder in the night-time. But you can feel the touch of summer already. Today its not that nice.. freezing cold.. Korn is here in Ostrava at the Cez-arena 19th this month, so it’s next Tuesday. Have to Czech that out also! :>
Here’s my Czech number in case you don’t have it and want to contact me: 00420773285610
There are some photos below..
Ill keep you posted

Pilsner_Urquell.jpgOstrava_sunset.jpg Ostrava_Poruba.jpg

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