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long time no see

Well Well.. Long time, no see. I haven’t been able to write my blog because I’ve been pretty busy lately! Thanks to my lovely girlfriend and my lovable friends Paavo, Toni, Mikko and Ville! I’m too tired to write every detail what happened me during these weeks, because a Lot has happened but here’s something:

It was 23.3.08 Easter Sunday, When I got myself to Praque and Heidi arrived there. We had a reservation in Prague1-hostel which I really recommend for couples! The room was big and very cosy, the price was good, and the location just perfect! Just 3 minutes from the National museum yet in the peaceful location. That evening we met Hanna, Markus and Tuomas. We were hanging around and took a couple of beers together. Next morning we woke up pretty early and went to see the easter markets in Old town square, it was nice – lot of booths with hand-made easter eggs, food, junk, beer, food, more junk and easter eggs. There was some band playing really weird music and the atmosphere was good! We also went around the Palladium – huge shopping mall in the center of Prague! In the evening we went to the Prague’s and maybe the European’s biggest night club – Karlovy Lazne. But it was a bit lame – Maybe because of the Monday and only 3 floors open.. After that we hit to the club named Roxy, that was better I would say!

Next morning we woke up very fresh and took a train to Karlovy Vary - small spa town in Czech Republic! There we had a very nice and cheap hotel where we stayed for two nights. Karlovy Vary is famous in its mineral waters. It may be very healthy and plaaplaaplaaa but the taste is so sick and bad.. Too odd to describe! I really can’t recommend it to anyone! But we were in the spa city, so we had to get to the spa then. There was one spa just beside our hotel so we decided to try that. It was over 2000kc (80€) for both of us and it included 3 different “treatments” ..There I experienced the most weird thing in my life – Water massage. Shit.. It was a massage with a pressurized water. When I arrived the room, There was this bath and a aged woman with this pressure hose in her hand.. When I tried to get myself to the bath this woman said to me “All clothes off” .. I was like wtf.. Ok all off and to the bath.. There I was, naked when this grandma “massaging” me with this water (it felt more like circular sawing me!) and after 15min of torturing she stopped that shit, fortunately! Then there was this cold-hot-treatment. It wasn’t so bad and I actually enjoyed it. After that they put us to the some kind of chamber, locked the door and made us breathe the mineral water steam.. Yep, that’s what they did us in the spa. :)

Karlovy Vary is a very beautiful city! It’s different than the other Czech cities and it’s almost owned by Russians and there are a lot of German tourists. That’s good or bad thing? You tell me but the city itself is really worth seeing!
Then we came back to Prague.. by bus this time. And that was a smart move! Student Agency buses are really cool! And cheap! And it was much faster than the train! Next morning it was time to say goodbye  and we both found ourselves back home..

Sunday 30.3.08
After a good “Space Club” parties in Club Fabric I was pretty tired and suffering from the hangover. Then something happened in the evening.. My friend Toni called me and asked me for my address. Ok I told it to him and at the same time our doorbell was ringing.. Wtf! There was Toni, Ville, Mikko and Paavo behind my door! Fucking bastards, they got me! They told me they booked the flight’s to Czech Republic last October.. I took my own flights on January :D They really surprised me!

After one night in Ostrava we went to Krakow – Poland. There we were 135m deep underground in Salt mines and in deep thoughts in really haunting Auschwitz. It’s terrible to see what terrible thing’s a human being can do to another. There place is worth seeing and after that you realize how good you’re doing after all.

Couple days in Krakow and back to Ostrava! Then one night in Ostrava and next destination: Brno! There we were two night’s also. It’s a nice city and I will go there some other day again! We had a nice hotel and the weather was nice. Last morning in Brno was sad and boys went to Prague I came back home. The week itself was rough and this week I will just be at home and live healthy! It’s nice to just “be” without hurry. I think I’ve deserved it :)


ps. Look at the pictures from my photogallery.

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Jak se mas..?


14.3.08 I was pissed off being in Ostrava so I decided to make a little trip.. I had heard that Bratislava is worth seeing and from there I could easily take a train to Vienna and then back home.. We arrived to Bratislava 22pm.. after one hour we finally found our hostel I booked already earlier in the evening.. Tired and almost ready to sleep.. But then we met this guy ”Doug” from Washington DC. He was working somewhere in Germany but decided to come to Bratislava for a weekend.. So we hit the club with this guy and came back to hostel 6am or something.. still tired and ready to sleep :D


15.3.08 Woke up after 3 hours of REM sleep, checked out from hostel and ready to see Bratislava! Weather was nice, much warmer than in Ostrava! After couple of hours in Bratislava we decided to continue our trip.. Next stop: Vienna!
Vienna was extremely nice city with extremely nice weather and there were extremely nice people! But it was extremely expensive city compared to Ostrava  It makes Prague cheap! Our plan was to stay there for a one night but now we had to get out of there before it’s too late.. So we were there only 5 hours, shooting some pictures and eating expensive but delicious (!) food.. Have to see this city some other day when I have the money.. It was awesome.. So we came back home at 22pm or something.. 


19.3.08 We had a really nice birthday party at the dormitory last night! Thank u Cobos and all the other guys! I got a lot of new friends again.. Yesterday I was thinking the life in the dormitory compared to this one in private apartment. In the dormitory the rooms are small and there are very many people sharing kitchen and stuff together. The atmosphere is awesome though! It’s all-time party in there! If you’re bored, just go to dormitory and there will be party somewhere. The place itself never sleeps and from there u get friends very easily! It’s cheap and near by everything. It’s good also. But how about the life in private apartment then.. Well, I have to say that I like this a much! Own kitchen, toilet, bathroom, everything and I have the own peace if I just want it.. Of course this is a bit more expensive option, but worth it!

It’s fucking snowing in here now.. Can you believe it..? We had something like 15C just couple of weeks ago, and now it’s snowing.. Only 4 nights and I will go to Praha to see Heidi ;) That’s gonna be sooo Cool! Hope the weather is better then!

Now I will take a shower, watch a movie called “Shoot ‘em up!” and just take it easy.. :)

I’ll Keep u posted!


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Prosim pivo. Velke!!

Ok.. I think now it’s good time to tell you something about my previous weeks.. Well.. I was visiting Prague.. twice! It’s wonderful! See pictures below! Prague is awesome, although pickpocket got me! They’re so fu***ng cunning. But that’s about it. That’s why we have insurances for!..... Tomi and Ilkka was here last week and I think we had a really good time. Weather was awesome compared to present time. Almost every day sun was shining and there was like over 15 C. Now it’s very cold and rainy.. shitty.. School has started ..very slowly :D I’ve had couple of meetings and in almost every course I’m the only student. So it’s all about self-learning and some oral exams. But that’s just fine! I also started to learn Czech language, that’s interesting! And almost compulsory to learn at least something since people don’t speak English so much in here. Dobře!
Here time is going by really really really FAST! I’ve got some friends from the school. Exchange student’s from Portugal, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Belgium. Yep, nice gang! Today I got some excellent news also, Heidi got very cheap ticket’s HKI-Prague-HKI (99€)!! So my stunning girlfriend is coming to see me for a few days in easter! We’re about to spend some time in Prague and then we’re going to Karlovy Vary - a spa city situated in Bohemia, the western part of the Czech Republic.. about three hours from Prague by train. I also got very nice and cheap hotel from there for two nights. Then tomorrow I will also book ticket’s for us to Sensation-White –Party! The World’s leading dance event on May @ Prague! ( http://www.sensation-white.cz/ ) ;)
What else.. So much has happened.. So much to tell.. but I will pass and just drink my bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, couple of beers and hit to bar! :D I’ve started to drink some red wine in here. It’s cheap and will keep my heart in good form ;P


ps. More Photos from my Facebook account!

Prague_Castle3.jpg IMG_9769.jpg IMG_9734.jpg V_clavsk__..__night.jpg Charles_Brige_View.jpg Asthronomical_Clock.jpg

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Na Zdravi!

19.2.08 o4:1o ..I’m fucking tired of this shit. I think I suffer from Insomnia or something because I can’t get a fucking sleep in here! Wtf.. This is now 4th day a row I’ve tried to get myself into bed earlier that normally and every night I’ve found myself watching a movie or reading a book at 2am.. Ok this time I got myself in the computer and searched my movie collection.. I found this movie “Feed” . I had started to watch this movie already two days ago but couldn’t finish it because of the content and very sensitive material in it! So I thought I could finish it up tonight, and so I did.. Fuck that! An amateur mistake!! In a nutshell this movie tells about a freak lunatic gentleman who Feeds his mother to death.. This was a mix of a very bad scary movie, shitty documentary and a fucked up drama.. Ok and I though I could drift off by means of this movie.. No way! I’m probably awake the rest of the week because of this sick movie! I just hear the words “Feed me.. FEED ME!!!” continuously in my head.. Omg I really can’t recommend this shit to anyone! Now I try to calm myself watching some another movie..

19.2.08 12:45 ..I slept 6 hours last night, I broke a record! Only woke up 4 times! The movie I tried to watch after Feed was a Hostel.. But I found it too difficult to watch because it was in Czech language.. Fortunately tonight is a Korn – night :D I try to shoot some pictures there also! Now I have to go, I’ll tell you about the Korn later on!

20.2.08 ..Korn was amazing! Here are some pics from the cez arena.. Will tell you more about that later on, I cant use this dormitory keyboard properly. Just sucks..

Mykonos :)


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and other shiiiit :)

Ok, I promised to tell you something about the Stodolni we visited last Friday.. First it seemed to be a bit lame place, with not too much people hanging around there in the pubs and clubs and all. But the time was 8pm, so it turned out that I was totally wrong about how lame the place really was! :D
..Couple of hours later the streets was filled with people, all age. There were pretty much police officers around and I didn’t clearly realize the reason in the beginning but I did later on, they went from one place to another asking IDs from people. Yep, they did some kind of spot tests that night.. We didn’t found any huge night club yet, but the atmosphere began to be indescribable around the midnight in every place we went! People dancing on the tables and everywhere, music playing very loud and in some places you could really feel the touch of “Fear and loath in Las Vegas” in the other words - some people soooo screwed up!
We faced also some very interesting habits.. Some of the clubs there were staff who also drank alcohol, they took some Vodka shots with customers every now and then! Ok, that’s not even a weird.. But how if you can buy a fucking Viagra from the Bar?! That’s.. too odd to describe! But yeah, in one pub there were these little pills in the shelf and they said it’s Viagra. Ok, good job.. I didn’t bought them yet, but maybe later when Heidi is around I have a “little” surprise ;D just kidding :P hiih!
That’s what happened in Stodolni. Then back to the business.. Not any internet connection yet, promised last Saturday, this Monday, and today they said next Saturday. So we’re already guessing what’s the next day they will promise it.. according to the formula it’s next Monday :D…… I got a gym card and I’ve been there twice already and the place is very nice! Have to do something to keep my weight in order, because the life in here is like a never-ending mass-period :D ..Today was the first day when restaurant food started to piss me off! So I decided to get some minced meat and rice. Couple of days without restaurant should do good because I can already feel my blood-pressure increasing and cholesterol rising up..
What else.. Got the tickets for Korn’s gig tomorrow in cez-arena. Looking forward to that! And on Thursday I go to Praha and play there one poker tournament in Casino Hilton. On Friday Tomi is arrives and then some serious clubbing and scouting around Praha. Then on Sunday back to Ostrava! That’s all today, now I go and get myself tanned ;)

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